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Throughout the Twin Cities Metropolitan area and Western Wisconsin

Working hard high up on roof.

Business Owners Policy

Protect your small to medium-sized business with a Business Owners Policy (BOP).

This comprehensive, cost-effective package combines property insurance, liability protection, and business interruption coverage into one convenient policy.

Secure your business’s assets and financial stability with a BOP. 

Construction Worker Next to his Truck
Construction worker in front of his truck

Commercial Auto

Protect your vehicles and crew with Commercial Auto Insurance.

This essential coverage safeguards your company against financial losses from accidents, theft, and other incidents involving your business vehicles.

Whether you own a fleet of trucks or a single materials van, Commercial Auto Insurance provides the protection you need to keep your operations running smoothly. 

Commercial Property

Safeguard your business assets with Commercial Property Insurance.

This essential coverage protects your buildings, equipment, and inventory from damage or loss due to fire, theft, and other unexpected events.

Keep your business secure and minimize financial setbacks with comprehensive Commercial Property Insurance. 

Contractor Remodeling a Home
Interior Finishing Construction Contractor Climbing on Wooden Ladder.

Commercial Umbrella

Enhance your business protection with Commercial Umbrella Insurance.

This policy provides extra liability coverage beyond your standard policies, offering an additional layer of security against large claims and lawsuits.

Protect your business’s financial future with the comprehensive coverage of Commercial Umbrella Insurance. 

Professional contractor removing an old linoleum flooring: home renovation concept

General Liability

Shield your business from potential risks with General Liability Insurance.

This crucial coverage protects against claims of bodily injury, property damage, and other liabilities that could arise from your business operations.

Ensure your business’s security and reputation with comprehensive General Liability Insurance. 

Industrial Lawn Mower On A trailer
A contractors trailer

Inland Marine

Protect your valuable property on the move with Inland Marine Insurance.

This specialized coverage safeguards equipment, tools, and goods in transit or stored off-site from damage or loss.

Ensure your business assets are protected wherever they go with comprehensive Inland Marine Insurance.

Workers' Comp

Make sure to protect your business and crew with Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

This essential coverage provides medical benefits and wage replacement to employees injured on the job, while also shielding your business from potential lawsuits.

Keep your workforce safe and your business compliant with comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

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