Andy Culver

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Meet The Founders Of A-Z Construction

Deb & Bob

Many Years ago, Bob and Deb started a small handyman business to help the community. Together, they created a business that was much more than working on small and large projects around the home. They worked as a team. The created long lasting relationships and friendships around the community. They prided themselves in high quality craftsmanship in projects of all shapes and sizes. Eventually, the demand for large projects was so high that their son in law Chris joined the team.

About Us

After years of providing quality services to the communities in western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota, the time had come for Bob and Deb to pass the torch to the next generation. Chris took the reigns and and with his knowledge and work ethic, expanded the handyman company into a thriving construction company. A-Z Construction holds tight to the humble roots from where it began. Always going above and beyond to create or expand their customers projects, no matter what the size. A-Z Construction takes the time and puts in the effort to do it right.

The Next Generation

Chris McDonough

Owner & Operations Manager

28 Years of construction and drafting experience


Design & Team Lead

20 Years of construction and design experience