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Grow Your Business With Our Lead Generation System


We use two specialized websites to generate leads for contractors and provide valuable resources for our insurance customers:

1. TenPenny Local: A directory connecting homeowners in Minnesota and Wisconsin with top-rated residential contractors and home professionals. It helps contractors gain exposure and secure high-quality projects.

2. TenPenny Home Academy: A comprehensive resource promoting homeownership knowledge and skills. It offers our clients access to trusted contractors for custom home building, remodeling, and maintenance.

Both platforms enhance our service offerings and support our extensive client base, driving business growth for contractors.

TenPenny Local Directory

TenPenny Local

Join our Contractor Directory website, provided by our 100+ year old insurance agency with thousands of satisfied customers throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Our lead generation system connects you with homeowners in Minnesota and Wisconsin seeking trusted contractors.

This directory is a valuable resource for our clients and it gives you access to a wider audience (our clients) and more new business opportunities.

Leverage our century of experience and client base to grow your business. 

TenPenny Home Academy Home Page

TenPenny Home Academy

We empower our clients with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in homeownership, from custom home building to remodeling and maintenance.

As a contractor, listing your services here provides you with exclusive access to our extensive client base, helping you earn new customers.

We actively promote this website to our thousands of customers, ensuring they turn to trusted professionals like you for their projects. 

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