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What Is A Post Frame Home?

Post frame construction is an engineered wood-frame building system. They feature laminate columns instead of wood studs. Commonly post-frame buildings are pole barns. However, post-frame homes also are referred to as shouses, pole barn homes, or barndominiums and are growing in popularity.

What Are The Benefits Of A Post Frame Home?


Post-frame homes have the potential to be more cost effective while offering more square footage because they are generally built on a concrete slab instead of a basement foundation. The post-frame construction results in less materials with faster, and easier construction that help reduce the overall cost.


In addition to the lower cost, there is additional shop/garage space. Many post-frame homes are fairly deep which allows for larger than normal garages, storage, or shop space.


Traditional stick built homes have studs every 16 to 24 inches on center. Which means there is less insulation and more thermal transference through the studs. Studs only offer about 4.3 R-value for a 2×4 stud and 6.8 R-value for a 2×6 stud. With a post-frame home, the posts are 8 to 10 feet apart. This allows for much more insulation and a significant reduction in heat transfer. In some cases, this will eliminate most heat transference through wall studs completely. Less transference equals more long term affordability.


In most cases, post-frame buildings are constructed with steel panels on the exterior that are proven to be low maintenance with high durability. The steel panels also offer years of carefree superior roofing. This gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on more important things.


Our climate and weather is harsh, but post-frame homes are built to last. They can stand up to heavy snow falls, and strong storms. Every homeowner should feel safe in their home. Our post-frame homes can provide excellent security through their deep-set design. This keeps your family and property safe through rough weather.


Post frame homes offer the ability to create an open floor plan without the need of support walls. This creates large open spaces in the home. Additionally, the space between posts allow wider openings for doors and windows. Great rooms and lofts are key features in many post-frame homes and offer a unique feel. This helps to add that “wow” factor to your home.


If you prefer a less open concept, the extra square footage that post-frame homes offer give countless layout options. Most post-frame homes have additional square footage, so your kitchen, living space, beds, and baths can be the size you want, the way you want.


Post frame homes “normally” come with steel panel exterior, but our goal is to build the home you want. That means its possible to put traditional siding or stone on the exterior as well as interior. Post frame homes open the door to so many looks and feels from contemporary to ranch, farm or log style home. Our commitment is to make your home, the way you want.